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Version: 3.x

👋 Introduction

Telegram Bot SDK lets you develop Telegram Bots in PHP easily! Supports Laravel framework and comes with addons to enhance your bot development experience.

Telegram Bot SDK for PHP

👋 Welcome, chatbot devs! Are you looking to build bots for Telegram? Look no further than the Telegram Bot API and SDK.

🤖 The Telegram Bot API is an HTTP-based interface designed for developers interested in creating bots for Telegram. To learn more, check out Telegram's official site for an Introduction to Bots and Bot FAQ.

📦 The Telegram Bot SDK for PHP is a library that simplifies the process of building bots for Telegram. With its capabilities to create both simple and complex bots, this SDK is versatile and suitable for developers of all levels.

💬 The SDK offers multi-bot support, commands handler system, events system, and addons to provide a seamless experience.

🚀 Laravel support comes out of the box, making it easy to create custom bots with access to all the powerful features of this popular PHP framework.

📖 The Telegram Bot SDK is well-documented, with detailed API documentation, guides, and examples readily available.

👨‍💻 The SDK is actively maintained and developed with the latest features, trusted by developers worldwide. Numbers don't lie; the Telegram Bot SDK is a proven tool for building chatbots.

🤖 Thousands of Telegram Bots have already been successfully built using the Telegram Bot SDK. Why not join them and start building your own bot today? Get Started Today!


Are You Using Telegram Bot SDK?

If you're using this SDK to build your Telegram Bots or have a project that's relevant to this SDK, We'd love to know and share it with the world.

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