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Version: 2.x


Telegram Bot SDK for PHP

Telegram Bot SDK lets you develop Telegram Bots in PHP easily! Supports Laravel framework and comes with addons to enhance your bot development experience.

Telegram Bot API is an HTTP-based interface created for developers keen on building bots for Telegram.

To learn more about the Telegram Bot API, please consult the Introduction to Bots and Bot FAQ on Telegram's official site.


  • No.1 SDK for PHP language.
  • Recommended by Telegram.
  • Commands Handler System.
  • Easy to Get Started and Use.
  • Helper Methods to Ease Development.
  • Actively Maintained & Developed.
  • Complete API Methods Support.
  • Laravel Support out of the box!
  • Clean, Highly Documented & Industry Standard Code.
  • PSR Standards.
  • Popular & Widely Used.
  • Powered by Laravel Collection API for Response Objects.
  • Well-Designed, Tested & Built.

Are You Using Telegram Bot SDK?

If you're using this SDK to build your Telegram Bots or have a project that's relevant to this SDK, We'd love to know and share it with the world.

Head over to Awesome Telegram Bots to share, discover, and learn more.